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The Global Learning Center (GLC)

The Global Learning Center (GLC) of Xi’an Eurasia University aims at offering excellent multilingual competence enhancing courses and academic courses of foreign language teaching to the students and faculties in Eurasia University, and will spread its outstanding language courses to all the other universities of the same kind in China in the next three years. GLC now has ten English teachers, among whom two are British teachers and eight are Chinese teachers (two are overseas-study consultants) who all have overseas education background. At present, EUGLC is offering several English courses for different purposes, such as Skills for IELTS, Skills for CET4, College English, Business English and Real English. The learners of EUGLC come from different schools of Eurasia University.


We have the courage to decide, to surmount, to embrace the future and to live a different youthfulness to make unusual progress; we strive to make every unique kid find his world and peers here; we devote ourselves to offering advanced foreign education to Chinese students and foster excellent learners with excellent educational resources.


GLC Facilities and Study Environment


We have comfortable study space and first-class teaching environment. GLC has independent reading rooms, study lounge and multimedia classrooms for the sake of creating a pure English-speaking environment.


Excellent international teaching staff


Classroom chairs are easy to move to meet needs in different student activities.


Reading room with leisure area


English salon

The study lounge has more than 300 foreign language books. Book club activities and English salons will be held frequently in this area. 


GLC Teaching Office


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