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International office

International office (Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs) is the foreign affairs management department of Eurasia University. International office is also the functional department to implement the national foreign teachers policy and the foreign policy on Education, to implement and promote the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, as well as to promote the strategic development of internationalization and to establish the relevant management regulations and service system. The main function of international office include:

1. Undertake all kinds of foreign affairs reception and intercollegiate exchange activities, as well as guiding all schools to deal with the international cooperation and exchange affairs.

2. Administrate the foreign teachers and students.

3. Manage the international programs.

4. Provide the help and guidance about studying and visiting abroad for students and teachers.


Important International Events


In order to carry out the international strategy and enrich the campus life of faculties, as well as enhancing their international experience, international office hosted and helped to host many intercultural events, which includes:

1. October 2016    Symphony Concert

2. May 2017       Chinese-Canadian Joint Teaching Program

3. June 2017       Eu-Rock Pop Concert

4. September 2017  Summer Academy on Intercultural Creativity

5. September 2017  Education Session of the 2017 Euro-Asia Economic Forum

6. May 2018       CCTV‘Star of Outlook’ English Talent Competition Xi’an City 



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