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YAIC 2018

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What is YAIC ?

YAIC (Youth Association of International Conferences) commenced to hold annual Mode United Nations conference in the year of 2005. We strive to provide a one-of-a-kind platform for all the intellectual young minds to discuss urgent issues of today and further cooperate together by simulating the role of diplomats.

The goal of YAIC is to train young elites to participate in international conferences and to broaden their perspectives in this era of information and globalization. Under the guidance of the Faculty Advisor Professor Alex Chiang, YAIC is obliged to help young minds to acquire adequate abilities and enough enthusiasm to voice out in the international society.

To further enhance the academics of Taipei Model United Nations, Professor Chiang would select a group of senior members from YAIC to participate in the annual session of American Model United Nations (AMUN) in Chicago. Drawing forth past TMUN and AMUN experience, YAIC is dedicated to present the best Model United Nations in Taiwan. In the past 12 years, TMUN and YAIC have provided innumerable opportunities and possibilities, creating an environment in which students cultivated their abilities of all aspects.

With 13nd anniversary, we have entered a monumental stage, opening a new era in the history of Model UN conference in Taiwan. We believe TMUN 2018 will be a memorable experience for all.

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Taipei Model United Nations 2018