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TMUN 2018

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What is TMUN ?

Model United Nations is an educational academic simulation conference, in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations, raising personal concerns on international affairs. With a view to providing a platform for college students to participate in the discussion of current global issues, Youth Association of International Conferences (YAIC) has held the annual session of Taipei Model United Nations in National ChengChi University since 2016.

This year, the 13th annual session, delegates get to present the best of you in SC, GA1, UNESCAP and PressCorps through the Six sessions of intense debate. The professional Dais team and the experienced news editors well accommodate all delegates’ needs. Whether this is your first MUN conference or even more, appropriate guidance will be provided to enhance your academic English writing ability and your proficiency in news editing.

Apart from the black-and-white formal attire and all serious talks, delegates can relax yourselves as the starry sky unveils the curtains of the social events. Take a leap of faith with 2018 TMUN. TMUN promises you the best social event.

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Taipei Model United Nations 2018